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Amonte Jon Parsons has been teaching piano for over 20 years. Equally at home playing jazz standards, classical repertoire, and modern-improvisational styles, he specializes in helping students find their own unique “voice” on the piano. Amonte teaches music as a dynamic language of human expression, and invites every student to be an active participant in the creative realization of whatever they are playing. 

Amonte customizes a lesson plan for each student that may include standard classical repertoire, jazz and improvisation, composition, music theory, and listening assignments. He often creates unique technical exercises based on the literature his students are working on, and regularly composes original works for students to address their unique and particular needs. He inspires a creative approach to every assignment, whether it’s turning traditional Hanon exercises into musically expressive “pieces”, or infusing emotional personality into classic standards and modern literature.

Above all, Amonte encourages students to actively contribute to the creation and study of music, and to express their own unique emotions and experiences through the piano.

A veteran in the jazz piano world, Amonte Jon Parsons has played as a soloist and a side-man in numerous tours of Europe and Asia. He studied piano with Oscar Peterson, and has performed with Terry Gibbs, Sonny Stitt, and Dakota Staton. His students range from beginners to professional musicians (Yuma Sung, Tara Sreekrishnan). His original compositions have been performed in venues around the US and Europe, and his piece Me Bu-To-So was included in an album of “vastly entertaining” and “irreverent” virtuosic works recorded by acclaimed pianist Andrew Russo.

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