Ai Goldsmith - FLUTE

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What you can expect from your lessons:

Ai teaches students to play musically and to communicate musical intentions to the audience.  She develops the students’ technical facility, helps students achieve a more expressively open focused tone and tone colors, and shows students how to effectively apply technical skills to achieve musical effects.

Ai also addresses posture, ergonomics, and body awareness as she believes that the performer’s body is an extension of the flute—one must learn to "play" the body as well as the instrument in order to make the flute sing and deliver the music to the audience.

Students will learn performance practices for performing in Baroque and Classical periods, and build a wide range of repertoire from ancient to modern music. 

Ai accepts intermediate and advanced level students.  A few committed beginning flutists are accepted every year, based on availability in her schedule.

Teacher biography:

Ai has 15+ years of teaching experience.  She adjudicates auditions and competitions, including the Kentucky Flute Festival Young Artist Competition and the Santa Clara County Honor Band.  Ai is invited to present clinics, presentations, sectionals, and masterclasses such as by Middle Tennessee State University, Western Kentucky University, Canadian Flute Convention, the MTAC Santa Clara division, and MidSouth Flute Society. 

As a testament to Ai’s effectiveness as a teacher, her students earn recognition as concerto competition soloists, awards and distinctions at state and local levels such as principal flutist of California State Honor Band and Orchestra and youth orchestras, receive “Command Performance” ratings at CMEA festivals.

Information about Ai's CD, Les Exquises Allégories, can be found at

Ai enjoys fashion and cooking, and is interested in traveling, meeting people and sampling different cuisines.  Ai Goldsmith is also an active professional flutist.  Please visit for additional information.