Our popular Group Classes are a great way to further your knowledge and musicianship.

Students from our Songwriting and Pop/Rock Band Class performing at a recent gig. All the music is original, composed by the students in the class and in private lessons. 

This video features students of John SyzygyRon BautistaBob BelanskiBrian MoranTim Vaughan, and Cheryl Larson.



These 90 minute classes are held on Sunday Afternoons.

Our talented Songwriting and Pop/Rock Band Class Students: 

  • Compose, arrange, and perform their own original songs

  • Perform contemporary songs in a band setting

  • Learn to run a participate in a typical band rehearsal

  • Learn basic techniques for drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, and more

  • Book and promote their own giga

  • Operate recording and live sound equipment, run a mixing console