Ron Bautista - GUITAR

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- Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced
- Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical
- Understand the entire fret-board
- Learn chord/scale construction on the guitar
- Play in all 12 keys

Ron has 28 years of playing experience and has studied with some phenomenal musicians.  After 15 years of teaching, he has adopted a methodology that integrates music theory and application so that his students learn the language of music right from the start. Ron uses songs from all genres to explain the entire fret-board. 

If his students bring in particular songs they want to learn, then he spends time explaining the theory behind the song and how to apply what they have learned to other musical situations. Ron also teaches notation as a dynamic system of pitch relationships that can help in gaining a deeper understanding of musicianship and the fret-board. Ron's ultimate objective is for students to have highly developed ear skills and advanced technique so that they may become creative and expressive musicians.